Get paid to autosurf paypal

To explain briefly, auto surf is those sites that allow the exchange of visitors to increase the traffic of other locations. Some websites pay you for car surfing. The visitors are supposed to visit the sites in the viewer. As a reward, they can earn lots of points. Get paid to autosurf paypal. There is a certain period for which you have to surf the site to earn some points. For most websites, it is at least 5 seconds. You can get payment against the points you make through PayPal or some other medium. Below are the names of some of the websites that pay through PayPal:

Alex master

This site provides lots of opportunities to earn real money for promoting, voting site or silent surf. The active members of this site receive more than 20 USD in a week, and even the old members make more than 100 USD per month. Those who have just started can make anywhere between $1 and $5 in the first week. Besides all that you can earn a good commission, 60% from referrals, 25% from the points income and $0.1 for every sign-up. You can increase you’re making if you spend 2 minutes or more. There are numerous ways you get money against the points you have collected, PayPal, credit or debit cards, etc.


With oooh earning money has become very comfortable. You can simply watch advertisements and get $0.04 for every click. You can get entertained as well as make money by watching oooh videos. What’s more is refer oooh watching ads to other people and get credit for every click. The payment is made through PayPal or Payza.


You can earn a good amount with HitLeap. Wondering how? Simply by referring HitLeap to friends and family. Your chance of receiving commission comes whenever somebody you referred to this website buys something from here. You will get 25% of the total amount received by the site. Your money will be added to your account balance and can be viewed on your cash balance on the Referrals page. You can withdraw your money through PayPal.


This website does not pay you to surf, but it pays you for bringing referrals that generate traffic. You get a 10% commission of the traffic that your direct referral generates. You can withdraw that amount later.


All those visitors who choose to visit the sites of the partners of eBesucher can earn a lot of points depending on the activity of the user. No complicated procedure is involved here. All you have to do is visit the partner websites in the surf bar. You can also read emails that contain advertising content or refer new members. The payment is made in euros. Once you have got points equivalent to 2 euros, you can change them for money. You will receive it through PayPal or EU transfer.

This was a brief list of some auto surf websites that pay you real money through PayPal.